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Creating a painting is more than color on canvas.  It is my desire to give you the ability to close your eyes and feel the paintings' presence long after it has left your sight.  My work is as different as the moods and emotions we share.  Feelings expressed on canvas are the most beautiful visions in the world. 

My primary mediums are acrylic on canvas with the use of resin at times.  My paintings' include an abundance of texture and colors that bleed into one another in whatever way my mind chooses to manipulate them.

My painting are visualized moods.  When I am painting, the colors, shapes and patterns are driven by emotions.  My paintings are not only pleasing to the eye, but just as pleasing to the touch.  There is also something about an imperfect picture, the cracks, the lines and the rawness of a painting that gives it character, that makes it more relatable, and that is simply beautiful. 




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